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About us

Sympafix BV is a young company (with lots of experience) in anchoring for construction. With collectively over 100 years experience at for example Powers, Heller, Borgh and hardware dealers, Sympafix manufactures and sells chemical and mechanical anchors that meet the latest requirements and approvals. ETA approvals on Sympafix constructive anchors often provide opportunities that alternative brands don't have. Think of chemical injection anchors in diamond drilled or water-filled holes, different temperature ranges and the steel anchor program has very high loads in cracked concrete.

Sympafix applies the following principles:


  • Added value through specialization. Full focus on constructive anchors and forced entry and adding in-depth knowledge in these product areas

  • Added value because of security. ETA approvals for safety-related structural anchors (more approvals than the competition), such as:
    • ETA approvals for chemical anchors include seismic applications, cracked concrete, water-filled holes, different temperature ranges, installation temperatures below freezing point, diamond drilled holes and deep bonding of reinforcement in concrete structures
    • 'Green' certificates regarding emission and durability for chemical anchors
    • Heavy duty approved for throughbolts, concrerte screws and drop-in anchors

  • Added value through innovative solutions. Think of forced entry fuell cells that fall within the aerosol legislation (not classified as dangerous goods), stainless full nylon hammer screws and a braiding machines for binding rebar

  • Added value through its own R&D. The access to its own state-of-the-art anchor laboratory that is fully equipped to perform in-house ETA testings (the only one in the Netherlands)

  • Value by speed. Rapid deliveries from our own warehouse in the Netherlands, and prompt technical advice tailored

  • Added value through fair pricing. Sharp pricing that allows your to do a sharp calculation

  • The Sympafix product range is only available through selected hardware dealers.
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